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Bistra Transit service team comprise of some of the best transit professionals backed by a well organized marketing and customer services team.

Insurance Service

Our clients are aware that any shipment and cargo without due and relevant insurance is a risk to take, a risk of losing everything. This is why our clients enter into insurance agreements and obtain for their shipments.

Our company does the facilitation of insurance on any and every shipment / clients' cargo. Our clients find it so good to be working with us because not only do we facilitate inland insurance, but we also make sure that the insurance they enter into is a appropriate and legal. It's a great deal to find someone who knows about inland insurance well, and that's what Bells is exactly performing currently.

Should you elect to insure under our "Open Cargo" policy (A marine insurance policy primarily used to insure goods in transit), you would have piece of mind that your freight is covered from the time we pick up until the cargo is delivered in the destination country. Most Coverage carries no deductible. All items must be suitably packed for international shipping – crating where required, special packaging materials as warranted.

Most commodities are considered "Approved" for "All Risks" coverage. This means that your cargo is covered against risks of physical loss or damage from external causes.

Some products are not approved for "All Risks" coverage. They include used, reconditioned or return items, antiques, perishable foodstuffs, glassware and jewelry.

In order for cargo to be fully insured it is necessary that all costs incurred in the sale and transfer of the merchandise from the seller to the buyer be included. These costs include the invoice value of the merchandise, cost of freight, cost of packing, and freight forwarding charges. Furthermore, some insurers choose to add 10% to the invoice cost and aforementioned expenses to allow for appreciation of the property value at destination.

Some perils typically not covered in All-Risk Policies:

  • Improper packing
  • Abandonment of cargo
  • Rejection of goods by customs
  • Failure to pay or collect account
  • Inherent vice, (infestation or loss due to nature of the product itself)
  • Employee conversion or dishonesty
  • Losses due to delay or market loss
  • Goods subject to an on-deck bill of lading
  • Losses caused by temperature or pressure
  • Used goods

To insure the value of our goods against substantial damage or loss, the reimbursements, as laid downin applicable terms and conditions, are often inadequate. In case of force majeure, no claims can be made.

If you have taken out all-risks insurance for the transport of your goods, you leave nothing to coincidence. Transport insurance is altogether different from liability. In case of loss or damage during transport, the full amount will be refunded

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  • We give competitive offer.
  • We provide information to update customer
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